Questoria «Somewhere in the Wild West» in Kiev

9 -19
2-3 h.
Individual or team roles and goals depending on the plot, total immersion and maximum emotion
9 -19
2-3 h.
Individual or team roles and goals depending on the plot, total immersion and maximum emotion
Time of action
The 19th century
A detective story is combined with cowboy fights in the Wild West. Both admirers of brain-twisting entertainment and fans of action will love it.
Tips for costumes
Jeans, cowboy shirts and ropers. Native American or Mexican style is possible - there are such roles in the game.
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For adults
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Wild West. The town of Bonanza out in the Rocky Mountains of Montana state. For many years, the biggest trouble here were cowboy fights after having too much whiskey in a saloon.

But it looks like the entire State’s attention is now riveted to Bonanza. Take a look at Montana newspaper headlines for the past month:

«Is Black Bill, the legendary felon and his gang really hiding in Bonanza??? A shocking Billings-Helena train hold-up!»

«Dr. Brown from Bonanza cures two terminally ill patients. Is it a Native American shaman secret or the newest European development?»

«The Pacific Railway to pass via Bonanza this fall»

«The famous singer Lucia della Èsterolla travels to Bonanza incognito. What will the star of two continents do in a town of 50 people?»

«A mudflow comes off in the Rocky Mountains. Bonanza is virtually cut off the world. Rescue works have started.»

Meanwhile, Bonanza citizens are sitting the difficult time out in the houses not touched by the mudflow. For example, in the «Seven Moons» saloon. The disaster unites everyone, so a cowboy and a Native American, a decent young lady and a cabaret girl might meet at a table.

And, as bad luck would have it, and if the natural disaster were not enough... The body of THE Lucia della Èsterolla has just been found in the best and most expensive room of the saloon in the second floor. And her famous diamond necklace, valued a fortune, has vanished into thin air.

Is Black Bill, who has held up the Billings-Helena train, really hiding in Bonanza?

In this game you will unmask Black Bill’s Gang and the singer’s murderer, find out the secrets of a colt with a black mark and a child left at a church doorstep, cook and use the miraculous Panacea, get hold of a unique map by good will or brute force, and, surely, become the best sharpshooter in the Wild West!

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